How happy it makes me that you want to know who is behind Mameduka. I am Lorena, a professional cook, with a restless mind and a lover of plants and beautiful things. When I was little, I already figured out ways, I made some furniture and I even made myself a “Bed Maker”, that's what I called it. Some ropes and a system that pulled and made my bed. My father worked in a lumber yard back then and I liked to make recipes. When it came time to decide what to study, I opted for cooking. My mother told me that I would end up in a beach bar frying potatoes and I told her no, not to worry because she had other plans for me.

I have worked throughout Spain and Paris as a cook. learning and enjoying, of course.

I set up my own restaurant in 2011 but a flood flooded it and it took so long to get it back up and running that it was already up for rent and I moved to the Costa del Sol.

I fell in love and made the coast my new home. I found a job as a cooking teacher at a private university, a dream come true.

But when Aurora was born I reduced my hours and that's when I started all this. I made a small investment and without thinking I started doing it. I started my first personalized brand in 2016, more focused on babies and decoration.

And what happened? Well, my baby stopped being a baby, and started having other needs.

I wanted to help her learn by playing with materials made by me, and so Mumdragora began to produce educational materials.

Every time my little one gets bigger and I am expanding the material according to his needs, his and what I consider to be all children.

Until now. It has been, and is, a constant process of learning and improvements. I am one person behind all of this and it makes me proud of everything I have achieved.