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Leaf nesting

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*The nesting box has dolls so that the little ones can put their finger in and take out one piece

Explore nature fun with our wooden nesting set with tree leaf shapes . Each piece is carefully designed for children to develop fine motor skills while learning about the beauty of nature. Made with high-quality wood and vibrant colors, these pieces encourage creativity and hand-eye coordination. Ideal for children and schools, this game inspires a love of nature while they have fun in the classroom or at home.

Discovering the fascinating universe hidden behind each tree goes beyond simply learning their names. Immerse yourself in the experience of relating each tree to its unique leaves, while exploring the richness of nature on an exciting mountain excursion.

Throughout this adventure, we will explore the seasons and the intricate passage of time, observing how leaves, whether evergreen or deciduous, reflect the magic of transformation. We will explore the different places where you can find each type of tree, immersing ourselves in the diversity of landscapes they offer.

We cannot forget the importance of humidity and its vital role in the environment of these majestic living beings. You will discover how the interaction between flora and fauna enriches the ecosystem, creating surprising connections between the trees and the animals that inhabit them.

Behind each product that nature offers us, endless possibilities and significant learnings open up. Will you join us to explore and discover this amazing world waiting to be revealed?

*Measures 31x23cm

Leaf nesting

Regular price €28,95
Regular price €0,00 Sale price €28,95
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Handmade in Spain
Sustainable for the environment



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