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Nestable Honeycomb

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Puzzles are a challenge for any child and adult. They force us to maximize our visual capacity, concentrate, and help us relax... But they also bring many benefits to the physical and intellectual development of the little ones in the house.

Puzzles have numerous benefits for children.

They improve visual memory.

They develop concentration.

Stimulates spatial and mathematical skills.

Improves psychomotor development.

Teaches self-control and reflection.

Improves self-esteem.

Stimulates relaxation.

Improves family relationships.

With the nestable ¨Bee Honeycomb¨ they will learn in a fun way the life cycle of bees, and their anatomy.

It is a nesting box made in several levels with 4mm plywood.

A unique way to have fun and learn.

It has a size of 34x24.5cm


Nestable Honeycomb

Regular price €39,00
Regular price €0,00 Sale price €39,00
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Handmade in Spain
Sustainable for the environment



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