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Andalusia Map Insert

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Now where are we? Have we been to New York? Typical questions from my daughter, and no, we have not been to New York.

That is why we have created the collection of maps to facilitate the learning of geography in a didactic and fun way.

By using the map, children learn to interpret directions, distances, and relationships between places. This helps in developing spatial orientation skills. So they can explore different regions, identify elements and discover new things as they look at the map.

Seeing places on a map can help children understand the location of those places in the real world. This can make geography more tangible and relevant to them.

This teaching resource can be used in group activities, encouraging collaboration, communication and teamwork while children explore and solve challenges together.

Children can add their own notes , drawings or markers to the map, giving them a sense of ownership and allowing them to express their creativity.

You can complement the map with digital resources, such as videos or images of real places. This gives them the opportunity to virtually explore what they are seeing on the map.

In short, a map can be a powerful educational tool when used creatively and interactively. By making learning a fun and playful experience, children will be more motivated to explore and learn about the world around them.

Andalusia Map Insert

Regular price €14,95
Regular price €0,00 Sale price €14,95
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