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Geometric undercut insert

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This material is composed of a set of 9 methacrylate inserts of geometric figures matching their insert frames on wooden boards held by hooks that make everything removable and allow you to put a sheet between the boards to make geometric shapes

The 9 inserts are color blue and they have shapes of square, triangle, circle, rectangle, ellipse, trapezoid, pentagon, curvilinear triangle and 4-leaf quadrifoil. They are exactly the same measurements as the frames of Red color where they fit. The measurements of these frames are 8 by 8 cm.

We use this material for;

They prepare the child for writing .

It is a sensory learning material.

Develops strength and control of the hand, wrist and fingers.

It also allows the child to get started in geometry .

Geometric undercut insert

Regular price €27,95
Regular price €0,00 Sale price €27,95
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Handmade in Spain
Sustainable for the environment



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